Yoga at the Kitchen Sink: Standing & Chair Yoga Poses for Seniors & Their Friends

by Peggy Gardiner MS OTR/L, RYT     Illustrations by Nancy Oates MA

Yoga at the Kitchen Sink is an illustrated book written for seniors who wish to practice gentle yoga postures. It can be used to help seniors remember poses that they have learned at their yoga class. They can also use it to learn new postures. It is my hope that seniors will enjoy yoga and its benefits by making it part of their every day life.

This book came out of the author’s experience as an Occupational Therapist and a Registered Kripalu Yoga Teacher. Using the kitchen is an easy way to integrate exercise into everyday activity in a safe setting. The pictures of yoga postures in this book are set in seniors’ kitchens or homes.

It incorporates modifications that are important for older people to be aware of when practicing yoga. For example, seniors with arthritis benefit from moving in and out of yoga poses rather than holding them for a long time. Elders with heart diagnoses need to be aware of dizziness when transitioning from sitting to standing or doing sun salutations.

Yoga at the Kitchen Sink: Standing and Chair Yoga Poses for Seniors and Their Friends is divided into three sections.

  • The first is a series of chair yoga postures that are useful to stretch the muscles and keep the joints flexible.

  • The second section is of standing poses that are good for balance and strengthening. They are classic yoga postures modified for seniors.

  • The third section is the modified sun salutation useful for warm ups or aerobic exercise and a favorite in our classes.

In addition, delightful drawings of average elders doing yoga, inspiring quotes, and clear descriptions make this book a valuable resource for seniors and others who want to bring yoga into their homes.

Example - Sitting Yoga Pose

Example - Sun Salutation

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