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Disclaimer: These articles provide additional information about yoga and its value for seniors. They are for educational use and are not intended to substitute for the advice of physicians or heath care professionals. Seniors should consult their heath care provider before beginning any exercise program or for specific advice.

Yoga and Sleep
National Sleep Foundation 2003 Sleep in America Study found that about half of the senior citizen population reports some type of sleep problem such as waking to go to the bathroom and not being able to get back to sleep. Sleep problems in the elderly are correlated with stress, medical conditions, excess weight or fatigue. The study indicates that many of these problems go untreated. Click here to read the whole article on Yoga and Sleep.

Fall Prevention for Seniors
Falls present a major problem in the health and independence of elders over 65. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that more than one third of older adults fall each year. Of these 20-30% will result in hospitalization from head injury or hip fracture. Many will need to spend at least a year recovering in a long-term facility and some never return to their homes. Most falls are preventable. Click here to read the whole article on Fall Prevention for Seniors.

Yoga for Quilters and Sewers
Most quilters and sewers spend hours bent over a cutting board or sitting at a sewing machine. The result can be muscle strain, lower back pain, or wrist pain. The following are some good ergonomic principles and yoga stretches that help to reduce stress on the muscles, keep joints flexible, and protect wrists and fingers. Click here to read the whole article on Yoga for Quilters and Sewers.

Hints on Selecting a Yoga Class
More and more senior citizens are interested in taking yoga. Older people have heard that a regular practice of yoga can help one sleep better, reduce back and sciatic pain, improve physical fitness, and improve one’s quality of life. Their children and doctors encourage them to attend a yoga class. Click here to read the whole article on Hints on Selecting a Yoga Class.

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