“Yoga has improved my quality of life. A few weeks ago I was able to dance the night away at my 50th wedding anniversary. Yoga was helpful in making that happen.”
- Shirley, 71 yrs.

“Several years ago I had terrible back pain and had trouble getting out of bed. My Physical Therapist recommended Yoga. Since that time I have done some yoga daily and have had no back pain.”
- John, 72 yrs

“I’ve always been active. I’ve been a professional singer for 50 years. I now sing in the Family Opera. Yoga has helped me with my back pain. I look forward to my yoga class at the Seniors Center. I enjoy the people and I feel better.”
- Pixie, 81 yrs.

“I do yoga to bring peace, energy and joy into my life. When I do yoga all my problems seem to fall away. Sun salutations make me feel energized and centered.”
- Cate, 65 yrs

“Yoga helps me with my arthritis. It helps me to stay flexible and strong. I don’t ache as much after I do yoga.”
- Stanley, 72

“Yoga makes me FEEL good and keeps my body strong! I awake each morning thankful for the routine exercises which allow me to get out of bed, stand tall, and walk steady with confidence. It helps my balance, flexibility and breathing awareness. At age 77, I can look forward to another exciting day. I believe that strong women do stay young.”
- Xonna, 77 yrs

“Yoga is an important part of my exercise routine. It helps me to balance out the aerobic and strength training that I do.”
- Bill, 66 yrs

"Yoga helps me be in tune with my mind and body. It challenges and centers me at the same time."
- Jessica